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How To Get a List of Specified Users and Their Group Membership From Active Directory

Once in a while someone at your company asks you if you can deliver a list of users who are member of administration groups within your Active Directory environment. We want to restrict admin access to a minimum so it’s good to know who are the lucky ones and who are slipped through. 😉

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How To Monitor LDAP, Kerberos and NTLM Traffic To Your Domain Controllers

Now with the extended support date for Windows Server 2003 in mind (14-07-2015) it’s good to look at how to finally get rid of those old domain controllers.  I came across a nice Technet article about how to monitor LDAP, kerberos and NTLM traffic to your domain controllers to find out which applications and servers

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Slow performance MySQL on Windows Server 2012 with IIS 8

After installing a MySQL/PHP combo  by using the Web Platform Installer on a Windows Server 2012 host with IIS 8 installed I noticed slow initial response time of loading webpages. I assumed it was PHP in need of some tweaking on the Windows platform but after running some performance tests the problem was not related

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